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The aim of the Magyar Szó (ISSN 1171-8978) is to serve the interest of Hungarians living in New Zealand, by publicising matters of interest and importance to them, and by documenting the life of the Hungarian community in New Zealand. The first issue was published as a circular for the Hungarian Community in Wellington. Since September 1991 (issue no. 6) the Magyar Szó has nationwide coverage. Opinions expressed in this bulletin are not necessarily those of the Magyar Szó or its editors.

The bulletin is published every third month, commencing in September. The subscription charge (within New Zealand) for twelve months is $40.00, students and beneficiaries, $35.00; NZ$45 to Australia, NZ$47.00 to other places, and is payable to "Magyar Szó", or by direct debit to Magyar Szo, Bank of New Zealand (BNZ), 020585 0082725 01.

Founder (alapító): Paul Szentirmay
Publisher/Chief Editor (kiadó/főszerkesztő): Klára Szentirmay
Graphic Designer (grafikai szerkesztő): Tünde Máté
Postal address: P.O. Box 29-039, Wellington 6443, New Zealand


2018 Paver Form

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